About Us

The Professionals in Cambridge and Somerville Real Estate

Located just north of Boston near Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Advantage Realty LLC has been serving apartment-seekers and buyers in the Cambridge and Somerville area since broker/President Michael Gorenstein founded the full-service real estate brokerage in 2007. The number of people we place in new homes and the landlords who rely on us to find quality tenants has doubled almost every year since then, but what remains constant is a close, dedicated staff and simple philosophy to bring honest, clear-sighted assistance to our customers as they navigate the hectic real estate scene of Cambridge and Somerville.

Our listings range from high end luxury buildings to cozy studios, with everything in between. Our agents take the time to listen to what you need in a place; trust and reliability are the cornerstones of our decisions, and we pass that on to our clients.

The rental and sales experts at Advantage are in the business of making customers for life, and as a result, our customer service is unparalleled. Thank you for visiting our website; contact us today to get started on your home search!


The Advantage Team


“The very best service I’ve ever seen from a rental agency. They whole office was very welcoming and actually listened to my needs. Other agents even gave suggestions as if they were all working together. So pleased with Michael and his crew. Two thumbs up!”
– Bill S.

“We came, we saw, we rented. Very nice group of people doing the same thing as all the others in a completely different way. They are even located in our ideal type of home. Very precise and organized with their time. A pleasure to work with. We will be coming back when it’s time to buy.”
– Mat P.

“The professionalism and respect I got at this agency was second to none. They truly have their clients’ best interests at heart. . . . Truly a pleasure to do business with.”
– Janelle K.

“The application, deposit and approval process was a breeze and I’m so glad that things worked out in such a limited time frame. I’d definitely recommend Advantage Realty to all my friends and colleagues.”
– Charles C.

“Let me start by saying, I absolutely hate brokers. In my experience, they never listen when you give your max price range , they waste your time showing you places that don’t fit the needs you specified, and then they charge you one-month’s rent to boot. GOOD NEWS – Advantage Realty is the exception! . . . . low pressure, listened to us, and really knew the area.”
– Amber W.

“Advantage Realty has always been professional with me, courteous to the tenants already occupying the apartment, and find wonderful, responsible people to live there.”
– Elio (landlord)